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3D Scan to CAD

If you are looking to have a part compared to a CAD model, we have the ability to dimensionally inspect features that reference your CAD, or we can map out CAD to part comparison color maps using any type of alignment whether you require best-fit…datum based… feature based… and the list goes on.


Scanning or hard probing, large or small, we have a large arsenal of hardware & software to fit our clients’ needs. With all the reference data coming directly from the CAD model this eliminates any human error that would have come through manually entering nominal information.

3D Scanning Reverse Engineering Services

Reverse engineering is oftentimes a catch-all term used for many design and engineering applications.  But trust us, there is so much more to this category for the uses of our 3D scanners, portable CMMs and laser trackers. Also, reverse engineering tends to imply that the 3D scanning will be used solely for product design, when in fact it can be used to address many other engineering functions such as, product design and manufacturing:

  • Legacy part repair and re-manufacturing

  • Product benchmarking

  • Documentation and archival

  • Product redesign

Reports & Analysis

Within the dense point clouds generated by a 3D scanner or the precise measurements from a touch probe lie the facts about your product. Using these 3D measurements, our reporting and analysis tools will tell you exactly what the “as-built” condition is and how much it varies from the pristine, “as-designed” CAD model.

Color Maps

These amazing references, which are also called 3D CAD comparisons and deviation plots, are what set 3D scanning apart from conventional CMMs and optical gages. With no need for an inspection plan, a vivid illustration of the difference between the scanned object and its nominal design is available almost immediately.

With one glance, anyone in the room will be able to see the problem areas on a molded part or the misalignment of a piping run. 3D color maps are exceptional diagnostic tools that deliver information and facts that aren’t possible without 3D scanners.

First-Article Inspection Reports

Until the manufacturing world shifts to model-based definitions for quality assurance, metrology professionals will continue to invest countless hours in producing these exhaustive reports. While they still take longer than a first-off report or 3D color map, there are some big benefits when combining scanner and touch probe data:

  • Inspection time (measurements) drastically reduced

  • Reporting time cut in half (on average)

  • New measurements available without another set-up and inspection

  • Unlimited measurements from a single scanning session

Statistical Process Reports

Over the weeks, months and years of service, you can use your 3D scanning data to monitor the changes in your manufacturing operations. Combine the original CAD design data with the scan data from the first article inspection and scan data from the most recent production run to analyze the changes over time. Your statistical process report will include color maps and detailed, tabular data.

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