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For Your Information

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. The following is a collection of the most frequently asked questions about our industry, company, and all the services that we provide. Get your questions answered in our FAQ section and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for further inquires.

What areas do you serve?

While we are located in Destin, Florida, we have clients from across the United States and some International customers.

Where is your company registered?

Our company is registered and insured in the state of Florida.

Are your employees degreed and certified?

Yes, all our employees are degreed and certified from various academic and vocational institutions.

What certifications do you have?

We have several ISO certificates, as well as professional software certificates.

  • ISO 9100

  • ISO 14001

  • ISO 2101

  • IATF Certification

  • ITAR Registration

  • SolidWorks Professional Mechanical Design

  • Autodesk Certified Professional - AutoCAD

  • Autodesk Certified Professional - Inventor Pro

  • Autodesk Certified Professional - Fusion 360

  • Autodesk Certified Professional - 3D Max

What are all the services you provide?

We provide the following services:

  • Architectural Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Aeronautical Engineering

  • CFD Simulations and Analysis

  • Product Design

  • Rendering and Animations

  • CNC Machining

  • Laser Cutting and Engraving

  • 3D Printing (FDM / SLA-DLP / SLS)

  • Plugs and Mold Making (Metal and Composites)

If the service you are inquiring about is not listed here, do not hesitate to talk to us, as we may be able to assist.​

What is your lead-time on projects?

This depends on the time when you plan to start your project. We stay steady busy, and can always tackle additional work, however the time required to finish your project greatly depends on what type of project it is, how big it is, etc. There is always the option to speed it up.

What are your work hours?

We work on digital project on a 40 hour a week schedule, Monday through Friday 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM. There is the possibility to go over these hours into the evening or holiday hours if a project demands, and for an additional charge. Production schedule also varies based on what is being manufactured. Parts and components, requiring manual handling, are also part of the 40 hour a week routine. The only manufacturing happening 24/7, is the manufacturing done by automated machines, such as CNC's and 3D Printers.

Do you do all project in-house or do you outsource, and if yes, any outside of the US?

Most of the projects are done in-house. There are some instances, where we have to outsource some manufacturing to some pre-screened partners, in case our manufacturing machines are occupied with other projects or parts exceed our manufacturing capability in size. If this is the case, we will discuss this with you prior to outsourcing your projects. None of the digital project is outsourced outside of the US.

Are you willing to sign an NDA prior to discussing the project?

Absolutely, we are not opposed to signing an NDA with our customers. In fact we have our own version of MNDA, which we can sign, or we can use your own if you have one and prefer using your instead of ours. In any case, NDA or not, we DO NOT discuss or use your project with other customers, at any time. Your privacy and IP is guarded throughout and after your project completes. Our computer servers are firewalled and locally in our office. No customer information is stored outside our local servers. See also our Privacy Policy Page!

How and when do I pay for my Project?

We accept several payment methods... PayPal, Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Apple Cash, Cash, ACH Transfer, Business Check. We apologize as at this time we do not accept personal checks. Paying for your project depends on how large and how long the project takes to complete. Typically, for smaller project, we collect payment upfront, and medium to large projects we collect 50% upfront and 50% on delivery. On very large and on-going projects we collect 35% upfront, and the rest in increments as milestones are reached.

What are my deliverables and how do I get them?

Your deliverable depend on the type of project and on your location. For digital, non-manufacturing projects, you will receive the requested files, in the requested file format. These will be delivered to you digitally via a download link. For manufacturable projects, if you are local, we can deliver to you if you are within a 50 mile radius of Destin, FL. All other parts and components we have manufactured for you will be shipped to you, to the address you have provided at the time of contract signing.

How can I work at 3D-HUB-DnR Engineering?

Currently we are not hiring... This being said, as this website does not update daily, you can certainly inquire. If we are not hiring, you can send us your resume, with a list of references, and we can keep your information on file and reach out to you if an opening becomes available, and/or if our workload increases beyond the point where our employees can handle it on their own.

Any other questions, comments, concerns?

If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, not addressed on this page, do not hesitate to talk to us.

We prefer email communication, but if there is an issue requiring immediate attention, you can reach us by phome.

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